Visiting Harley & Helen in Arizona

We were very pleased to be invited to stay with Helen & Harley for the week 8th-15th October 2001.  They were showing us around the state, with a two day trip south to Tuscon and a day north to Sedona, as well as taking good care of us in their home in Sun City.  We met with the rest of the family as well, and really enjoyed our stay! 

pa090203.jpg pa090207.jpg
The Jensen Residence in Sun City Sandy helped Helen in the kitchen
pa090209.jpg pa090210.jpg
"The Jensen Clan" came for dinner on our first evening in Arizona Lovely meal!
pa090214.jpg pa090215.jpg
Arne is the photographer for this shot - and Harley for this one.
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First stop for coffee on the way to Tucson We spent the first day in the Desert Museum and the national park.  This is really Arizona!
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Alone at the bar at Bum Steer
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A very special place in Tuscon, with lots of different things on display
pa100295.jpg pa110025.jpg
- and great hamburgers too! Arne on top of A-mountain i Tuscon.
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We had lunch with Taylor, Pat and Larry Cute Beauty Queen Taylor.
pa120058.jpg pa120061.jpg
Liv tried the golf cart Not many other pedestrians in Sun City!
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Liv's birthday was celebrated at Mr. Lucky's in Phoenix We all enjoyed the fish & chips
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Other birthday celebrations there too Harley and Wayne waiting for the bull riding
pa120070.jpg pa120072.jpg
Sandy, Arne and Liv are waiting too Theser bulls were quite fierce, but the cowboys managed to stay on for a while. 
pa120073.jpg pa120074.jpg
The bull trying to get rid of the cowboy. Happy Birthday song from the stage
pa120080.jpg pa130003.jpg
The clown was waiting for the next performance when we left, so we managed to get a picture of him. Vising Sedona Canyon
pa130044.jpg pa130048.jpg
Great red rock in Sedona Very special chapel in the mountain.
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* Esther was a good hostess - about 30 hours before she gave birth to her 4th baby!
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Troy relaxing in the sofa. 3 genereations Jensen.  Thank you for inviting us!

Copyright Arne Skaanes 2001